What love really is

All forms of love can be represented by endless journeys while tests are metaphorically bridges.
One can go on loving only until he has reached a certain bridge, then he has to choose:
would he join hand in hand with his beloved and tread the bridge despite despite it being difficult?
Is he willing to let go if the other one’s too tired?
Or is he too impatient, leaving his ‘love’ to fend on his own?
Is he willing to stay if one is exhausted in their journey?
The possibilities are infinite. 
The only thing that matters is not the choice but the the result –
would they stay together or part ways altogether?
Well, the journey doesn’t end there.
The world is teeming with bridges and only those with dogged determination
could withstand their trials without breaking apart.
That way, they’ll be able to prove the veracity of their vows of love and
can proudly say that they possess for each other,
love that is true and forever loyal.

옥탑방왕세자 / Oktabbang Wangseja ♥

After three hundred years, I will still love you. :””>
You might be wondering what this Hangul phrase I used for the title means – it’s Rooftop Prince. A 2012 Kdrama which really captured my heart. At first, I thought that the fantasy rom-com was its only charm, but truth be told, the whole story was written to captivate the hearts of its audience. I am very thankful for the writernim and of course, SBS network, for giving a chance for this great material.
OK, now, I would like to introduce the characters of this daebak Kdrama.
PROTAGONISTSCrown Prince Lee Gak/Yong TaeYong (Micky Yoochun), BuYong/Park Ha (Han JiMin), Song ManBo (Lee MinHo), Woo YongSul (Jung SukWon) and Do ChiSan (Choi WooSik)
Lee Gak (Yong TaeYong) is the dorky, uppity Joseon Crown Prince. Imagine his shock to find himself transported into the midst of bustling modern day Seoul – it was called Hanyang back in his days. Now, back to describing Cheoha .. Park YooChun has proven himself as a very versatile actor for me for he was able to manage LG’s transformation from a high and mighty 300 year old monarch to a more humble and charming chaebol heir who he now pretends to be. TY was his reincarnation and because of some unfortunate event, he is now comatosed. He’s one of the reason why this Crown Prince time-travelled aside from his desire to solve the murder case of his Crown Princess. BTW, he landed on the rooftop home of his fated love, Park Ha.
(BuYong) Park Ha is the mistress of the Joseon Four. After landing in her rooftop home, they followed her words. For their loyalty, she rewards them with omurice (idk and she’s clueless either as how the four manages not to get sick of eating that dish even if they eat it everyday). Lo, she has her own interest story as well – she was adopted to US when she was nine, her step-unni abandoned her in a truck which led to her separation from her real family. After fifteen years, she was able to find them but her father died before she could return home. Her birth mother left the two of them and now she’s looking for her. While busy with adjusting to Korea, she met the four fools and it made her life a whole lot more exciting – having her own Prince Charming is not lame, eh? How I envy Han JiMin (a bit) for having the chance to play this role but kudos to her great acting, too.
Song ManBo is the son of a noble’s concubine hence, an obstacle from his taking the civil service examination despite his bright mind. He has intelligence which is secondary, if not parallel to LG’s. His genius is crucial in solving their mysterious time-travelling adventure and to their adapting to the ways of the present time. Well, another advantage of his is Lee MinHo‘s good looks.
Woo YongSul is the most skilled swordsman in all of Joseon, it’s one of the reasons LG employed him as his personal guard. Yet in present times, he seems to be the least knowledgeable among the three of them, and the latter party uses his weakness to make fun of him. Jung SukWon may seem like a gullible guard dog, and at the same time, a charming hunk at that.
Do ChiSan is the cute, effeminate eunuch who was once banned from the palace due to his closeness to the palace maids, landing him a spot in the best gisaeng house in Joseon. Well, he’s the first crossdresser, and Choi WooSik is a very pretty girl whenever he has to dress up. His valuable information sprang from his ability to remember hearsays, big or small. Actually, he’s my initial crush here, not YooChun.
ANTAGONISTSYong TaeMoo/ Prince MooChang (Lee TaeSung) and Crown Princess HwaYong/Hong SeNa (Jung YooMi)
(MooChang) Yong TaeMoo is TY’s illegitimate cousin. TY’s grandfather had a son in an affair and he’s the father of TM. He is a workaholic who is truly dedicated in Home and Shopping Network yet his efforts are never recognized. That’s why he came to harbor a deep hatred for his artsy cousin, leading him to be a full-time schemer/killer to achieved what he believed he deserves. At least, Lee TaeSung is one smokin’ hot villain, unlike the one in King2Hearts, although his first murderous attempts were pathetically failures.
(HwaYong) Hong SeNa’s character did not change in 300 years – a stunning beauty from afar yet lacking an inner beauty when viewed near. She’s mean to her and PH’s adoptive mother although they never gave her any motive to act like that. A perfect example of one who fabricates a new identity to gain what she wants: TM and his inheritance. PH demonstrates to her how to have an honest yet happy life; that she doesn’t need to pretend but it was almost too late when she made up her mind to change for the better, she’s already tangled in the intricate web of lies she had spun.
The Joseon Four+Park Ha-sshi and the Dynamic Duo are the most essential character but of course, RTP won’t be complete without the supporting characters, right?
SN’s adotive mom, Man Ok and PH’s father, Mr. Park.
TY’s halmoni, CEO Kang and her dongsaeng, Aunt Wang.
The hilarious couple. Idk how they got into a relationship, these two. Seriously, writernim?
Aunt Wang’s beau, Director Pyo Taek Soo. He has a dog with the same name (eww).
THE RICH MOM. SN and PH’s real mother. Posh CEO Jang Seon Joo. Once a SN, now PH-hearted.
“I’m so not over in this Kdrama, even if it ended yesterday. I wasn’t like this with TMETS, well that’s a bit too melodramatic. RTP’s different.” That was me when I was still recovering from Kdrama withdrawal. But I’ll admit, there are only a few Kdramas that really endeared themselves to me, despite 2012 being a very good year for them. I won’t get sick and tired of rewatching these shows over and over again. Hope others would watch it too. *^^*